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During the Summer and Fall of 2013, I worked for APTN National News covering the demonstrations and blockade led by the Elsipogtog First Nation.

They were protesting shale gas exploration and fracking in their homeland of Mi’kma’ki. Elsipogtog’s resistance grew and attracted many allies, mainly Mi’kmaq, Maliseet and Acadiens, but people came from all around the world. I had gotten to know the people at the blockade quite well while leading APTN’s coverage over a period of months.

On October 17th, the police raided the camp with a show of force and over 40 arrests. The Mi’kmaq fought back and the world noticed. That day changed how I view my profession as a journalist, how I see Indigenous people, and how I see the state. Many of us that day experienced or witnessed trauma, and as part of my healing from that day I am posting my pictures from my Autumn of 2013 in Mi’kma’ki.

For those of you with me that day, We’lalin. I realize some of these pictures may be difficult. If you were in Rexton on October 17th and see something that you do not want posted, please let me know and we will talk.